CCR Group


CCR Group is responsible for 2.437 highways kilometers, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná.

Master Ambiental provides environmental consultancy for the following branches:




  • Environmental monitoring of the highway BR-163/MS construction.



CCR Ponte


Access to the Rio Niterói Bridge, in Niterói:

  • Authorization to cut isolated trees;
  • Environmental licensing.

Viaduct connecting Rio Niterói Bridge and the Red Line, in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Environmental licensing;
  • Water and soil surveys;
  • PGRCC – construction waste management plan.

CCR RodoNorte



  • Environmental licensing for the PR-151 and PR-092 intersection, in Jaguariaíva – PR.

BR-376 km 243-254

  • Floristic inventory;
  • PCA – Environmental control plan;
  • Installation license renewal.

BR-376 km 456-465

  • 67 water resources grants.

BR-277, BR-376, PR-151 and BR-373

  • Environmental monitoring of 567 highway kilometers;
  • PGRCC – waste management plan concerning duplication works in Apucarana – PR.

CCR ViaLagos


Operation license renewal.

Highway RJ-124 km 0-57

  • Regularization of support areas;
  • Project aiming to vegetation cut authorization;
  • Project for APP intervention;
  • Water grants by the INEA.

Highway RJ-124 km 30-33

  • Project for APP intervention;
  • Inventory for trees removal.

CCR NovaDutra


    • Environmental licenses consultancy for marginal routes construction in highway Presidente Dutra;
    • Project for environmental clearance for trees cutting and APP intervention;
    • Bridge and culverts hydraulics projects.

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