Ibiporã City Hall – SAMAE municipal water and sewer service

Prefeitura de Ibiporã

Master Ambiental provided:

  • PGIRS – solid waste management program;
  • Implementation and monitoring of the selective waste collection;
  • Environmental education programs.

Waste collection system and separation – An environmental solution for Ibiporã city garbage

Master Ambiental has been responsible for the selective collection program of Ibiporã, including the deployment of the new campaign and the monitoring, which has lasted more than two years and enables every month to obtain waste segregation performance indicators.

Before the selective system, the landfill was with full capacity; virtually all the waste that arrived was not separated. In September 2009, SAMAE, hired a third-party company and signed a term of reference in conjunction with environmental agencies and Prosecutors to figure out a selective waste collection of organics and recyclable waste. The city was divided into 3 sectors and 3 types of collection were inserted in an alternate program.

Master was also responsible for the Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan (PMGIRS), with the publication of a solid waste municipal policy (Municipal law nº2449 – April 2011), in live with the Law 12.305/2010 requirements. The municipal law makes it mandatory for waste segregation expressly and establishes private responsibility of large solid waste generators.

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