Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz of Brazil is a manufacturer of vehicles and has been present in Brazil for more than 50 years. Master Ambiental has developed a specialized environmental consultancy, focusing on technical studies that prioritized the good results for the environment and company.

  • Technical report for study on the permanent preservation areas along Taboão e Couros Rivers, São Bernardo do Campo – SP, located within the business area.
  • PRAD – degraded area recovery project in São Bernando do Campo – SP.

What was the purpose of Master Ambiental work?

The objective of this work was to identify the areas of permanent preservation (APP) that exist in the batch. The characterization of these areas according to their ecological functions in accordance with the applicable legislation, especially the forest code and CONAMA resolution 303, identifying the presence of factor of occupation within the limits of the preservation area, and suggesting compensatory and preventive/corrective actions to be adopted for environmental compliance.

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