SEBRAE, service of support for micro and small businesses, develops the SEBRATEC Program. This promotes small business access to knowledge and innovation, such as sustainability. The Sebratec collaborates for the environmental and social adequacy according to the requirements of the market.

Thanks to SEBRAE support, Master Ambiental provides consultancy for 33 companies in Pernambuco, developing solid waste management plans and Greenhouse gases inventory.

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Unimed is a co-op that provides health plans and its present in most of the national territory.

Master had developed a large environmental consultancy, covering 10 Unimed’s units, providing health services waste management, solid waste management projects, environmental regulation and licenses for water use.

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Laundry Gota D’água


The laundry Gota D’água, located in Cascavel-PR, specialized in cleaning and laundry health and hotel.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for the development of Waste management plan of Health Service (PGRSS) for the company, located in Cascavel – PR..

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AMBEV – Companhia de bebidas da América has its headquarters in São Paulo, Brasil, and operates in more than 13 countries.

Master Ambiental provided environmental consultancy to a facility in Ibiporã PR, developing a solid waste management plan and working on its monitoring an implementation with employees training and corrects allocation of bins.

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Founded in 1948, Marisa S.A. is a department store chain of women’s apparel, men’s and children’s, which operates throughout the country.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for the development of a Noise Report at Duque de Caxias-RJ.

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Sodiê Doces


Sodiê Doces is a company specialized in handmade cakes. For more than 13 years in the market, and more than 125 stores in five Brazilian states.Master Ambiental consults a Sodiê store in Londrina, with a solid waste management plan.

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Itaipu Technological Park – PTI

Parque Tecnológico Itaipu

Founded in 2003 by Itaipu Binacional, the Itaipu Technological Park is a scientific and technological pole present in Brazil and Paraguay. The 116 acres park is reference in creation and knowledge dissemination.

Master is responsible for preparing an neighborhood impact study of the Municipal Market of Foz do Iguaçu, which will be built and managed by the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation (ITPF), during 30 years. The Municipal Market is an environment for social interaction for the community of the tri-national border, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

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Grupo Hotel Vila Galé

cliente-hotel-vilagaleFounded in 1986, the Hotel Vila Galé Group is considered one of the leading hotel groups in the world. Currently the group has 25 units, 18 in Portugal and 7 in Brazil.

Master Ambiental provided a solid waste management plan for one of its units in Rio de Janeiro – RJ.



cliente-labocine-2The Labocine is a movie company based in Rio de Janeiro – RJ.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consultancy services for the preparation of the necessary technical documentation for environmental licensing, including a preliminary risk analysis, quantitative assessment of atmospheric emission and as built preparation.


Complexo Paineiras

cliente-hotel-paineiras-2The Hotel Paineiras was opened in 1884, during Dom Pedro II Empire. Hosted several Presidents, such as Washington Luís and Getúlio Vargas.

Nowadays, the hotel will be renovated by a national competition conducted by the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB). Hired by the consortium formed by Iguaçu Falls S/A, Beltour Turismo & Transporte and Esfeco Administração Ltda, Master Ambiental provides the following studies for the Paineiras Comples, at the foot of the Corcovado hill, RJ:

  • Environmental control plan – PCA;
  • Traffic impact report – RIT;
  • Solid waste management plan – PGRS;
  • Construction waste management plan – PGRCC.

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