cliente-viracoposViracopos International Airport, located at Campinas – SP, has an area that covers 9 thousand square meters and server approximately 9 million passengers per year. Currently the airport is expanding its runway, and at the end will occupy 21 thousand square meters, providing services for more than 14 million people per year.

Master Ambiental provides the consultancy necessary to obtain the installation license of the second runway. Master responsibility focus on the presentation of the necessary environmental programs according to the previous license, which was issued based on EIA-RIMA, 2010, prepared under the responsibility of Infraero.

Among all the studies provided by Master, is the basic environmental plan (PBA), composed of:

  • Management plan and environmental control;
  • Social communication plan;
  • Forest recovery plan and protected areas strengthening;
  • Fauna monitoring plan;
  • Environmental education plan;
  • Urban interference monitoring, traffic safety, accident prevention and traffic operational management.

In addition to the second runways studies, Master Ambiental is responsible for the preliminary environmental report for a railway line diversions that is currently on the runway way.