Environmental Control Plan (PCA)

What is the Environmental Control Plan (PCA)?

Originally predicted in the resolution CONAMA nº 09/90, the Environmental Control Plan (PCA) should contemplate the executive projects of minimizing environmental impacts assessed in the previous phase.

During the installation license, the PCA propose mitigating measures and environmental control actions that entrepreneurs should take to mitigate the negative impacts and maximize positive impacts originated from the installation or operation of the project or activity. Defines which actions should be performed for the work and cause less possible impacts to the environment.

Who needs a PCA?

In general during the installation license, fir potentially polluting activities or business.

For example, it is common to require PCA for industries, water treatment systems and sewage treatment plants, small and medium companies, residues marketing, mineral extraction, among other types of potentially polluting activities.

What is the content of a PCA?

In summary, the PCA must set the mitigating measures and environmental control acts for the construction and operation phase of the activity of company.

  1. Characterization of the business;
  2. Environmental assessment of influence areas;
  3. Environmental impact assessment;
  4. Mitigating measures;
  5. Final considerations.

How can Master Ambiental work with you?

Master Ambiental counts in its portfolio a total of 87 PCA’s (Environmental Control Plan) prepared and approved by the competent environmental agency.

Were 40 studies for industries, 29 for commercial business, 15 for infrastructure projects and one for a real estate company.

With a multidisciplinary team able to evaluate environmentally your business, Master Ambiental equates and minimizes potential social and environmental issues, in order to identify the best solutions for your business.

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