Environmental Control Report

What is an Environmental Control Report (RCA)?

The Environmental Control Report (RCA) reports the compliance or non-compliance regarding the attendance of the mitigating measures and the environmental control plan. The RCA is required during the installation or operation stage.

Must be considered all the potentially polluting aspects, as atmospheric emissions, waste and wastewater generation.

The Ministerial Ordinance of the Ministry of Environment and Transportation (MMA/MT) nº 283/2013, establishes the Program for Environmentally Sustainable Federal Highways, with the purpose to certify environmentally each highway, the RCA must include an environmental assessment and survey of environmental liabilities in order to subsidize the environmental regularization of highways.

Who needs a RCA?

In general, RCA is required during installation or operation stages, to verification of compliance and non-compliance with respect to the fulfilment of the mitigating measures and environmental control, as example, for industries.

In the case of MMA/MT nº 283/2013 Ordinance, for environmental regularization purposes of federal highways, the RCA is required by IBAMA for regularization of paved highways that do not have an environmental license.

What is the content of a RCA?

The basic content of the RCA includes: description of the production process; characterization of emissions generated by the several sectors of a business, regarding noise, wastewater, atmospheric pollutants and solid waste.

According to the MMA/MT Ordinance nº 283/2013, for environmental regularization of federal highways, as the relevance, the RCA must include:

I – Program for prevention, monitoring and control of erosion processes;
II – Fauna monitoring;
III – Program for recovery of degraded areas;
IV – Mitigation program for environmental liabilities;
V – Risk management program and emergency action plan – PAE;
VI – Environmental education program and social communication;
VII – Environmental management plan.

In summary, the content must include the following topics:

  1. Identification of the entrepreneur;
  2. Characterization of the enterprise;
  3. Areas of influence;
  4. Diagnoses of the physical environment, biotic and socioeconomic;
  5. Environmental liabilities;
  6. Identification and evaluation of environmental impacts;
  7. Environmental regularization basic plan – PBRA.

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