Environmental Programs

What are Environmental Programs?

In the context of Environmental Licensing and the Environmental Management System of projects and activities, a number of mitigating measures for environmental impacts should be performed periodically, both during the period of constructions, expansion or operation.

Environmental Programs are like projects, which require well defined scope, time and cost, in addition to goals, indicators, and a schedule of implementation. It’s required during the installation license.

In general, the actions of the Environmental Program are interdependent and require monitoring and evaluation indicators for the various associated measures present a satisfactory result.

An Environmental Program can be part of the scope of the Basic Environmental Plan (PBA) or be required and presented separately.

What is the content of an Environmental Program?

Each Environmental Plan must be described and planed in a way which must permit its execution, and should present at least the following topics:

  1. Justification;
  2. Objective;
  3. Target audience;
  4. Methodology;
  5. Schedule;
  6. Human and material resources;
  7. Monitoring and evaluation;
  8. Responsible for implementing the plan.

Who needs an Environmental Program?

The Environmental Program may be part of the PBA, for business with high pollutant potential or that may cause an environmental impact, in which case was preceded by the EIA/RIMA, or may be required for other projects or activities with potential environmental impacts studies, less complex than a EIA/RIMA, but that still need one more specific studies as required by the previous license. Usually the Environmental Program will be required during the installation license or in cases of regularization.

Examples that are commonly required:

  • Environmental management and control plan of works;
  • Program guidelines for the construction site;
  • Monitoring of management and Environmental Control of works;
  • Environmental Management Program;
  • Program monitoring and control of noise emissions;
  • Program for control and monitoring of atmospheric emissions;
  • Program of occupational health and safety;
  • Program monitoring and control of erosion and silting;
  • Program for control and monitoring of water quality;
  • Solid waste management program;
  • Program for control and monitoring of liquid effluents;
  • Environmental education and training program for workers;
  • Mobilization and demobilization program of the construction site;
  • Social communication plan;
  • Forest Recovery plan and strengthening of protected areas;
  • Wild life monitoring plan;
  • Environmental education plan;
  • Fitness plan and Urban Interference monitoring, traffic safety, accident prevention and traffic operational management;
  • Plan and projects to use financial resources related to environmental compensation.

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