Fauna Survey or Inventories

What is a fauna survey or inventories?

The fauna survey or inventories are technical studies in the field of Zoology which aim to identify the diversity of animal species occurring in an area and in a period. Features and evaluate the state of biodiversity conservation and ecological interactions that support the species.

The studies can focus on several organisms, like fishes (fish fauna), amphibians and reptiles (herpetofauna), birds and medium to large mammals (mammals).

Knowledge of wildlife is essential tool for the conservation, management and environmental monitoring.

What is the content of a floristic survey?

With the use of various techniques and methods, studies of wildlife have references and fieldwork for observation and recording of species.

Its necessary several techniques and skills working together to conduct an inventory and to detect organisms at that particular time and location, resulting in samples that represents adequately the fauna composition.

Must be in the study a methodology and the list of species characterizing the presence of endangered species, exotic, etc., as well as a discussion about their conservation and management.

Who needs a fauna survey or inventory?

The fauna survey or inventory comprises environmental studies as a tool for the assessment of impacts on the biotic environment and other impacts.

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Master Ambiental account with specialized professional in conducting fauna surveys and inventories.

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