Floristic Survey

What is a floristic survey?

The floristic survey is a technical study that seeks to identify the flora species that occurs in an area and characterizes and assesses the actual state of conservation of the vegetation.

The floristic survey promotes a detailed survey of every species and identifies and quantifies the volume of wood in the area, with the exact measurements and densities of each individual tree from the measurement of height and diameter.

In general, the floristic survey is carried out through samplings that represent the entire study area.

Both provide an important diagnosis to the assessment of impact on the flora and the biotic environment, as well as subsidize applications for vegetation removal authorization, being instruments in biodiversity conservation.

Therefore, it must provide reliable data on a larger number of species in a period, data failure lead to serious consequences for the environment.

The survey can also be part of a monitoring program to assess the impacts of development on the biota over a period.

What is the content of a floristic survey?

A floristic survey must contain a bibliographic survey and field survey.

Must be made recognition of vegetation types (physiognomies vegetables) and draw up the list of species, concluding with the analysis of the date, assessing the state of conservation and endangered species, endemic, exotic and rare.

Who needs a floristic survey or inventory?

The floristic survey can be part of an environmental study or be required to support the analysis of vegetation suppression ordered by the competent environmental agency.

The floristic survey must be done wherever there is vegetation on the ground, as well as in cases of potential impact on the vegetation located in the area of direct influence of the activity.

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