Environmental Noise Report

What is an environmental noise report?

Is a technical document that certifies noise measurements results, evaluating the conditions of acceptability of the noise on communities, regardless the existence of complaints and confronting with legal parameters according to the NBR ABNT 10.151:200, which concerns about noise limits.

What is the content of an environmental noise report?

The NBR ABNT 10.151:200 defines the measurement procedures, which must be performed outside the building containing the noise source.

The report must specify the procedures used, the days and time, the sources of noise and the measurements results, with a comparison between the noise level identified and the NCA assessment level (level of assessment criteria) to external environments, as well as specify the characteristics of the noise and the meter calibration date.

NCA external ambients criteria, dB(A) – NBR ABNT 10.151:2000

Areas Day Night
Areas of farms and ranches 40 35
Strictly urbano or residential area, hospitals or schools 50 45
Mixed area, predominantly residential 55 50
Mixed area, with administrative and commercial vocation 60 55
Mixed area with recreational vocation 65 55
Predominantly industrial area 70 60

How Master Ambiental can help?

Master Ambiental has a specialized and multidisciplinary team, capable to perform environmental noise reports, using the right tools and equipments.

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