Environmental Education Program (PEA)

What is Environmental Education?

According to the National Environmental Education Policy (Law No. 9.795/1999), environmental education consists of processes through which the individual and the collective construct social values, knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies focused on conservation of the environment, quality of life and sustainability.

There are different perspectives and conceptions of environmental education, whose identity and diversify both in formal education and non-formal.

What is the companies role in Environmental Education?

Relies to companies, professional associations, public and private institutions, promote environmental education programs for employees, in order to control and improve the working environment and of production processes that impact the environment (Law No. 9.795/1999).

Who requires the PEA?

In the context of environmental licensing, the role of environmental education is often to mitigate impacts of the project.

Environmental bodies are required either a program aimed at employees training as another program focused on the community affected by the project.

How can Master Ambiental helps?

Master Ambiental has a specialized and multidisciplinary team able to prepare, plan and execute plans, projects and programs of environmental education.

Master Ambiental is responsible for the following projects:

  • Environmental education plan and implemented the environmental education Circuit of the Londrina Botanical Garden;
  • Prepared the project of environmental education and ecological path of the Catuaí Maringá;
  • Education and campaign plans for implementation of the selective collection in the municipality of Ibiporã-PR;
  • Education and campaign plans for the implementation of selective waste collection in the city of Mauá da Serra-PR;
  • Education and campaign plans for implementation of the selective collection in the municipality of Barra Bonita-PR;
  • Environmental education for mitigate the impacts of the implementation of the Shopping Boulevard in Londrina-PR;
  • The environmental education plan for mitigate project impacts of road changes in Maringá-PR;
  • The Environmental education program that composes the PBA-basic environmental Plan of the Airport of Viracopos in Campinas –SP;
  • The Environmental education program of the Preliminary Environmental Report for settlement of Ecoponte.


Jardim botânico de Londrina


Jardim botânico de Londrina

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