Simplified Environmental Study (EAS)

What is a Simplified Environmental Study (EAS)?

During the previous license, the Simplified Environmental Study (EAS) is based on the assessment of environmental impacts of activities and business of very low impact or non-significant impacts. The environmental agency may require other studies, such as a RAP or an EIA/RIMA.

Who needs na EAS?

Any business that has a low polluting potential of the environment.

What is the content of a EAS?

The content of the EAS is a description of the project, with a diagnoses and assessment of environmental impacts:

  1. Justification of the business or business;
  2. Characterization of the enterprise;
  3. Environmental diagnose of the direct influence area;
  4. Identification of environmental impacts;
  5. Mitigating measures and environmental control.

Master Ambiental has a specialized and multidisciplinary team able to evaluate all the environmental variables related to the business, looking for to minimize possible social and environmental impacts, in order to identify the best solution s for your business.

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