Rural Environmental Record (CAR)

According to law No. 12.651/2012 and Decree No. 7830/2012, the Rural Environmental Record (CAR) at national level is public registry information of rural properties. The goal of the CAR is the identification and integration of environmental information of the properties and rural possessions, looking for the environmental planning, monitoring, combating deforestation and environmental regularization.

Federal Technical Registration – CTF IBAMA

The Federal Technical Registration of Potentially Polluting Activities and Users of Environmental Resources is the compulsory registration of individuals and legal entities that carry out activities liable to environmental control, listed by reason of law or regulation, as the National Environmental Policy (Law No. 66.938/1981).

Granting of Water Resources

Based on the idea that water is a public good and a limited natural resource and that it is necessary to provide the multiple use, the uses of water resources, disciplined by the national water resources Policy and creates National system of water resources management (Law No.9.433/1997), are subject to the granting of rights of use.