Rural Environmental Record (CAR)

What is the Rural Environmental Record (CAR)?

According to law No. 12.651/2012 and Decree No. 7830/2012, the Rural Environmental Record (CAR) at national level is public registry information of rural properties.

The goal of the CAR is the identification and integration of environmental information of the properties and rural possessions, looking for the environmental planning, monitoring, combating deforestation and environmental regularization.

Who requires the CAR?

The CAR must be done with the State Agencies, condition for settlement of rural properties. In States that do not yet offer the CAR system, must be made with the Ministry of the Environment/IBAMA.

What happen if you don’t have a CAR?

The owners who do not have the record, lost benefits such as credits and agricultural financing and starting in May 2017 cannot get agricultural credit from financial institutions.

Who needs a CAR?

All owners or possessor of a rural property, including smallholders.

Is it mandatory?

The inscription on the CAR is mandatory for all rural properties (properties or possessions), be they public or private.

What is the deadline for joining the CAR?

The deadline has been extended until May 2016.

What are the advantages of a CAR?

The CAR is the first step to planning and regularization of the rural environment, in addition to being a condition of access to agricultural credits. With the registration in the CAR, the property is now in the process of regularization.

Only with the CAR, the owner or possessor who has environmental liabilities related to the Permanent Preservation Area (APP) or Legal Reserves (LRS) may join the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA) and enter into a commitment with a deadline to execute the obligations for the recovery measures.

After joining the PRA for and while being served the term of appointment, the owner or possessor cannot be booked for infractions committed before July 22 2008, concerning the suppression of irregular vegetation.

O CAR também é condição para o proprietário ou possuidor comercializar a Cota de Reserva Ambiental (CRA).

What is the Permanent Preservation Area – APP?

Protected area covered by native vegetation, with the environmental function of preserving water resources, landscape, geological stability, biodiversity, gene flow of fauna and flora, soil protection and to ensure the well-being of human populations.

What is the Legal Reserve (RL)?

Is an area located in the interior of a rural property, which is not the APP, necessary for the sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation and rehabilitation of ecological processes, conservation of biodiversity and to shelter and protection of native flora and fauna.

What is restricted use?

Areas where the slope is 25º to 45º degrees are considered restricted use.

How can Master Ambiental help?

The Environmental Master has a specialized team to make your registration in the Rural Environmental Record – CAR and guide on protection and recovery of Permanent preservation areas and Legal reserves, developing a program of Environmental Regularization – PRA.

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