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Master Ambiental has a multidisciplinary team of professional with higher education in several fields of knowledge, such as civil engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural engineering, environmental management, architecture, law, communication and media, geography, chemistry, biology, geology and social sciences, among others.

For selection of professional and interns, Master Ambiental keeps a permanently updated resume database. When identified an opportunity for hiring a new professional, our company perform a pre selection of the pre-selected resumes stored in our database.

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If you are looking for a internship:

Master Ambiental offers a learning environment that allows students interested in environmental careers to develop practical activities and combine theoretical knowledge acquired in college. According to the law nº 11.778/2008, “the internship aims at learning skill and characteristics of the professional activity and the curricular context, aiming at the development of the educating for life and work”.

Master offers non mandatory internships, accomplished through an agreement between the company and the educational institution.

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