Be prepared to face challenges, to help you with it, what about some training? The courses, lectures and training offered by Master have a differential: environmental consulting practice.

Master Ambiental commitment with the sustainable development includes share learnings gained through practice and experience in the market. Thus the company contributes to the dissemination and consolidation of instruments of planning, management and environmental control.

With experienced professionals, develop courses, lectures and training aimed at those seeking professional enhancement and expertise in the areas of environmental and urban sustainability.

Targeted to professional associations, companies, government agencies and educational institutions, Master Ambiental provides speakers and teaching materials according to the demand of your event. The course can be held at the place of interest in company or at Master Ambiental headquarters in Londrina.

According to the demand, Master offers exclusive educational material and elaborates programmatic content with the theme, approach and necessary workload according to the client needs.

Master Ambiental is a reference in Brazil on free courses to capacitate professionals and public employees about the Neighborhood Impact Study – EIV, as well as many courses and lectures about waste management and sustainable construction.

Master Ambiental had the opportunity to perform dozens of training courses to professionals with class entities, CREA and CAU, such as to the following:

  • City of Paranavaí-PR;
  • City of Jundiaí-SP;
  • City of Anápolis-GO;
  • City of Duque de Caxias-RJ;
  • City of Nova Friburgo-RJ;
  • Council of architecture and urbanism of Amapá (CAU/AP);
  • Council of architecture and urbanism of Acre (CAU/AC);
  • Association of engineers and Architects of high Paulista – SP;
  • Association of engineers, agronomists, Architects and Surveyors of the region of Amparo-SP;
  • Association of engineers, architects and Agronomists from Franca-SP;
  • Engineering Association of Botucatu – SP;
  • Association of engineers and Architects of President Venceslau-SP;
  • Regional Association of engineers, Architects and Agronomists of Avaré-SP;
  • Association of engineers and Architects of Cascavel – PR;
  • Association of engineers and Architects of Marechal Cândido Rondon-PR;
  • Association of engineers and Architects of Apucarana – PR;
  • Association of engineers and Architects of Cascavel – PR;
  • Engineering Club and Architecture of Londrina-CEAL;
  • Union of construction industries of the West of Paraná;
  • Continuing education program in agricultural sciences-PECCA/Universidade Federal do Paraná-UFPR;
  • Engineering Junior Company-Universidade Estadual de Maringá-EMU;
  • Escola Politécnica da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ;
  • Tear Business School, Balneário Camboriú-SC;
  • In addition to courses promoted by the company itself in Londrina-PR, Sao Paulo-SP and Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

Check out some Master Ambiental courses:

EIV Course – Neighborhood Impact Study

Objective: Capacitate professionals for the elaboration of the Neighborhood Impact Study. Workload: 8 hours.