Degraded Area Recovery Plan (PRAD)

What is a Degraded Area Recovery Plan?

A disturbed or degraded area is defined by the occurrence of change in biotic and abiotic environmental properties due to the impacts of an activity.

Instituted in the Federal Constitution of 1988 to mined areas, the Degraded Area Recovery Plan – PRAD was primarily designed for mining activities, but came to be applied to various types of enterprises and is provided for in the scope of Environmental Studies and Environmental Licensing.

Um Plano de Recuperação de Área Degradada (PRAD) deve, portanto, apresentar o conjunto de métodos, instruções e materiais necessário para o retorno do sítio degradado a uma determinada forma de uso do solo visando à utilização, de acordo com o plano preestabelecido para o uso ou capacidade produtiva dos recursos ambientais.

The rehabilitation of a location is defined by a set of procedures that brings back the productive activity aimed at a future use, considering the local characteristics, the proper use of the environment, as well as the physical conditions and biotic (NBR ABNT 13.030:1999).

The recovery is the restoration of the degraded area for the establishment of the original function of the ecosystem. The restoration implies the exacter placement of ecological conditions of degraded area.

Many PRADs focus on retrieving the native species, for example, using techniques of planting native species for seedlings or direct seeding; transposition of organic soil or leaf litter with propagating material; vegetative propagation of native species; driving the regeneration, reforestation.

The method of recovery or restoration of vegetation must be set according to the biotic and abiotic features of the area and knowledge of the impact, the resilience of the vegetation and the secondary succession, justified technically in PRAD.

Whatever is the focus of PRAD, it should interfere in accordance with the peculiarities of the damage and of the place and protect the area of factors that may affect the return process of the environmental quality of the area, as the requirements, with economy, efficiency of the results and future performance.

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