Simplified Environmental Report (RAS)

What is the Simplified Environmental Report (RAS)?

The Simplified Environmental Report (RAS) analyzes the environmental viability of the location, installation, operation and expansion of an activity or project. This document is required during the previous licensing stage.

Who needs a RAS?

Any business or activity considered potentially polluter or environmentally degrader.

What is the content of a RAS?

It must contemplate an environmental assessment of the business, evaluation of the environmental impacts, mitigating measures and environmental control.

In addition to the RAS, another study may be required, as the EIA/RIMA, if the environmental agency judges that there is a risk of serious environmental impact.

How can Master Ambiental helps?

Master Ambiental has a specialized and multidisciplinary team able to evaluate all the environmental variables related to the business, identify and plan strategies for the implementation of the preventive and corrective actions, oriented to successfully licentiate your business.

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