Landfill Projects and Design

What is a Landfill?

For environmentally appropriate disposal of solid waste, the landfill is a form of orderly distribution of waste in landfill which observes specific operational standards in order to avoid damage or risks to public health and safety and to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

It is a method of disposal on land in layers with coverage by inert material, where are deployed measures for collection and treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents produced and environmental monitoring plans and geotechnical.

Differentiates of dump or tip, improper disposal of solid waste, characterized by the mere release of residues on the soil, without measures of protection of the environment or to public health. Also distinguishes itself from controlled landfill technique involving coverage and some controls, but no collection and treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents.

According to the Ministry of the environment, approximately 60% of the municipalities of Brazil has not met the deadline expired in August of last year to the end of the dumps, 12,305/2010 the law, the national solid waste policy (PNRS).

The minimization of negative impacts caused by the disposal of solid waste is a good technical landfill project that envisages running control measures during construction and operation, as the proper proofing, as it determines the national solid waste policy (Law No. 12,305/2010) and in accordance with the technical standards.

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