Municipal Plan of Integrated Solid Waste Management (PMGIRS)

What is Municipal Plan of Integrated Solid Waste Management (PMGIRS)?

The Municipal Plan of Integrated Solid Waste Management (PMGIRS) consists of a diagnosis about the current situation of the set of waste generated in the municipality and defines guidelines, strategies and goals to be developed.

The national solid waste policy (Law No. 12,305/2010) determines the development of the PMGIRS as a condition for the municipalities’ access to federal resources earmarked for urban cleaning and solid waste management.

The PMGIRS must be drawn from methodological steps ensure the participation and social control and seek the fulfillment of the goals established (MMA, 2012).

Finish with the dumps and deploy separate collection (link), at least with the recyclable and non-recyclable separation, ensuring maximum reuse and recycling of materials, licensed waste treatment plants and landfills (link) and composting of organic waste (link), are special challenges for municipalities, holders of public cleaning services.

Who needs a PMGIRS?

All Brazilian municipalities need a PMGIRS, revised periodically. The plan can integrate Municipal Sanitation Plan or also be prepared jointly with other municipalities that form a public Consortium for waste management. Municipalities with less than 20 thousand habitants may elaborate a simplified document.

Who requires the PMGIRS?

In addition to condition for the access to the Union’s resources to urban cleaning and solid waste management, the public prosecutor’s Office is quite active in monitoring the development and implementation of plans and measures, commonly working out agreements and compromises or Conduct adjustment Terms (TACs).

How can Master Ambiental work with you?

Master Ambiental has a multidisciplinary team capable of developing the PMGIRS, with experience both in drawing up the plan as providing assistance for monitoring the process of elaboration and approval of municipal legislation, and the implementation of selective waste collection programs.

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