Sustainable Construction

What is a sustainable construction?

The civil construction industry, important engine of economic growth, is one of the activities of greatest potential negative impact to the environment.

Based on the life cycle of the raw materials, influences significantly the consumption of natural resources and energy, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. According to the International Council for construction, the construction sector is responsible for about 50% of solid waste generated by human activities.

In addition, the sustainable construction is a new and strong trend in the housing market that represents a paradigm shifts for construction and aggregates profitability to developments: sustainable construction.

Sustainable construction implies in building according to a set of techniques and construction methods that reduce the negative impacts and maximize positive impacts, since the drafting of projects until the execution of the works and the maintenance of enterprises.

Some features of sustainable buildings:

  • Rational use of water;
  • Adoption of sustainable materials;
  • Choice of land without environmental liabilities.

At first glance, investing in sustainable construction seems more expensive; however the financial return is advantageous because of the high prices of the sale or rent of these buildings and due to the reduction of operating costs in the medium and long term.

The so-called Green Buildings are evaluated and receive stamps with the use of methods and international standards for the validation of the environmental performance of the building.

What is LEED Certification?

The LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Green Building is the international standard designed by the USBGC (United States Green Building Council) which certifies the sustainability of buildings with greater international recognition. Created in Brazil by the Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brazil) is the main system applied to the Brazilian context.

Certification is issued on the basis of an evaluation system that involves mandatory and optional criteria’s, on a scale of points between 40 and 110. As the score is achieved, the enterprise can receive certification in four different levels: certified, silver, gold and Platinum.

How can Master Ambiental works with you?

Master Ambiental has solid team with environmental knowledge and sustainable building experience and a network of specialized partners, to guide and support the LEED project.

Master Ambiental is responsible for the Certification of the enterprises Palhano Premium and Square Garden, both in Londrina (PR).

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