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Master Ambiental

Empresa de Consultoria Ambiental

Master Ambiental is an environmental engineering and Consulting Company that carries out projects throughout the country, with the commitment to promote the best interest of the clients and to the environment, providing guidance for compliance with environmental legislation, seeking to promote a sustainable development.

Master Ambiental also works with Environmental Agencies to regularize the client business as soon as possible.

Master Ambiental has a multidisciplinary team in the areas of engineering, geography, architecture, economics, law, biology, geology, agronomy and chemistry, among others. The technical staff has extensive experience in corporate business-construction, industrial and commercial, in addition to remain permanently up to date on environmental legislation in local, state and federal levels.

Currently Master Ambiental has headquarters in Londrina, PR and employees in the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The company is coordinated by the civil engineer, specialist in environmental planning and management and master’s degree in construction and sanitation, Fernando João Rodrigues de Barros, , CREA RJ 27.699/D.

In Paraná, Master Ambiental is registered in the following Environmental Agencies:

  • Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis – IBAMA: 3354730.
  • Conselho Regional de Engenharia, Arquitetura e Agronomia – CREA PR: 42984.

Master Ambiental Team

Our mission

Contribute to sustainable development, with commitment to meet the expectations of tis customers, respect for the environment, welfare of its employees and society as a whole.

Our vision

Be recognized as one of the best environmental Consulting companies, with quality differentials in environmental projects and viable solutions to their customers.

Our values

SustainabilityObjectivityTransparencyPro activity
EthicsProfessional expertiseQualityVersatility

Why choose Master Ambiental?

Specialized Consulting

Expert and professional advice

Specific Analyses

Specific analysis for each business

Project management

Management and monitoring of our projects


Experience in several States

Specific Coordinator

Specific coordinator for each projet


Multidisciplinary team

Ethics and credibility

Ethical Works and full credibility

Good relationship

Good relationship with the Environmental Agencies


The best for our customer and the environment

Conheça nossa equipe


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