Sest Senat

The Social Service (Sest) and the national cooperative learning service (Senat) are non-profit civil entities created in order to enhance the transport sector workers.

The institutions were founded in September 14, 1993, by Law 8706, from a process of awareness in the industry and the unions. The National Confederation of transport, with the legal support, was responsible for creating the Sest Senat and, since then, organizes and administers the institution.

In the social area, the Sest Senat is responsible for managing, developing and supporting programs that value for the welfare of workers in areas such as health, culture, recreation and safety at work. In the educational area, the focus turns to learning programs, including preparation, training, further training and professional training.

The Environmental Master held:

  • EIV – neighborhood impact study for the unit of Maringá;
  • Environmental regularization of Permanent preservation area in Chapecó-SC.

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