Carrefour Brasil

cliente-carrefour-2In Brazil, Carrefour is present since 1975 and gas about 250 units spread throughout the Brazilian territory.

Master Ambiental provided the following services:

  • Technical documents essentials to obtaining the environmental licensing of five of its stores in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Technical documents essentials to obtaining the environmental licensing for a wastewater treatment plant in Duque de Caxias – RJ;
  • Neighborhood impact assessment and traffic impact report for three units in Belo Horizonte – MG;
  • Neighborhood impact study to a unit in Goiânia – GO;
  • Permanent preservation area survey in a unity in Belo Horizonte – MG;
  • Documents and reports of the sanitary system in São Gonçalo – RJ;
  • Vegetal cover report in Porto Alegre – RS.

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The FACCHINI S/A company produces a large line of roadway equipment for all transports segments, light, trucks, medium and heavy transportation.

Master Ambiental has elaborated all the necessary technical projects to environmental licensing of a factory in Londrina – PR.

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The Presidente Costa e Silva Bridgem as known as Rio-Niterói Bridge is the main connection between the cities of Rio de janeiro, Niterói and the rest of the state, as the Lake District and the North Coast, administred by Ecoponte.Master Ambiental worked on elaborating an environmental control report (RCA) and a basic environmental plan (PBA).

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Dori Alimentos

Dori Foods

Dori Alimentos

Dori began its activities in 1967 with the production of popcorn and peanuts. The company growth secured the leadership in the sweets and snacks market. Employing around 2400 people, one of the company solid principles is the preservation of the environment.

The company is responsible for generating its own energy, besides having its own solid waste treatment system.

Master Ambiental performed the following environmental consultancy services:

  • 2 environmental audit in factories, Marília – SP and Rolândia – PR;
  • Floristic and fauna inventory, and the creation of an ecological path in Rolândia – PR;
  • Environmental noise report for a factory in Rolândia – PR;
  • Rural environmental record of two properties in Rolândia – PR.

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cliente-frimesaThe Frimesa, for more than 35 years in the market, is an industry of processing of pork meat and milk.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for the preparation of Environmental Control Plan (PCA) and Preliminary Environmental Report (RAP) as subsidy to the environmental licensing by the IAP of a industrial plant in Assis Chateaubriand-PR.

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Scania is a Sweden truck manufacturer and is present in more than 100 countries in the world, including Brazil, since 1957.Master Ambiental provides environmental consultancy to the regularization of the permanent preservation area in São Bernardo do Campo – SP.


Viapar manages 546.53 kilometers of highways in Paraná, and its granting is for 24 years.

The company has six toll stations, which are in Arapongas, Mandaguari, Presidente Castelo Branco, Floresta, Campo Mourão and Corbélia. The company also has seven operational bases, six of which are next to the tolls and one in Ubiratã, 2 fixed scales, 1 in Nova Esperança and Peabiru.

Master Ambiental provided the following services:

  • Environmental control plan (PCA), necessary for obtaining the installation license by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP), for the construction works in the highway BR 376.
  • Floristic inventory required for obtaining authorization for vegetation suppression.


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The RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim international airport is responsible for the operations of the Tom Jobim international airport in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, which began operations in 1924 and from 1945 became an international airport.

The RIOgaleão is a company formed by Odebrecht TransPort and Ghangi Airports International, with 51% participation, and Infraero with 49%.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for a Degraded Areas Recovery Plan-PRAD for Tom Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

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Águas das Agulhas Negras


Águas das Agulhas Negras is a concessionaire of Grupo Águas do Brasil. The group is formed by the Developer, Queiroz Galvão Saneamento, Acquapar Participações and the construction company Cowan. Currently, the Águas das Agulhas Negras is responsible for the sanitation in the city of Resende-RJ.

Master Ambiental has provided services and elaborated a Degraded Area Recovery Plan – for a unit in Resende-RJ.

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Torao Tokuda Hospital


Torao Tokuda Hospital is the Hospital of the heart of Apucarana-PR.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for the development of Waste management plan of Health Service (PGRSS) to the hospital in Apucarana-PR.

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