PGRS – Solid Waste Management Plan

What is a solid waste management plan (PGRS)?

The solid waste management plan (PGRS) is a technical document that identifies the type and generation of each type of waste and specifies the correct environmentally forms for the management, in the steps of generation, packaging, transport, transshipment, processing, recycling and final disposal destination.

Who needs a PGRS?

According to the National Solid Waste Policy (Federal Law No. 13.305/2010), the development and application of a PGRS are mandatory to solid waste generators, responsible for the adequate management of their waste. The law determines who must have a PGRS:

  • Public sanitation services waste generators;
  • Industrial waste generators;
  • Health services waste generators;
  • Mining waste generators;
  • Commercial establishments that generate hazardous wastes;
  • Construction companies/
  • Terminals or other transport facilities;
  • Agriculture activities as requirement of environmental or health surveillance agency.

According to specific rules, the responsibility for waste is defined as private, or regarded as major generators. Some examples include malls, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.

Who requires a PGRS?

In general, the PGRS is required by the municipal environmental agency, as the specific regulations of each municipality regarding the responsibility for the solid waste management. In these cases, the PGRS may be a condition for the issuance of permits.

In addition, integrating the environmental licensing (link) of potentially polluting activities and usually be required among the studies necessary to base the decisions of the environmental agency.

How can Master Ambiental work with you?

Master Ambiental has a multidisciplinary team capable of developing the PGRS, plus training and monitoring, looking for to minimize possible social and environmental issues, in order to in identify the best solutions for your business.

The company has in its portfolio 204 solid waste management plans (PGRS), including 98 for commerce companies, 92 for industries, and other economic segments.

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