Kurica Ambiental is a company that offers complete solutions for transport, treatment and disposal of solid waste.


Small and large generator collection;

  • RTC construction;
  • RTC large generators;
  • RTC trees;
  • Industrial RTC;
  • CTR health waste.

Kurica treatment plant is designed to receive, treat, recycle and give final disposal to a huge variety of waste. Manage this activity is extremely complex since it involves a several legal requirements and environmental aspects.

Master Ambiental had helped Kurica, seeking the complete environmental suitability of the company in all its operations units as composting site, waste sorting center and crushing construction waste areas.

The environmental safety of a waste treatment center enables the whole cycle involving waste management do be complete, because it provides economically viable and environmentally safe solution to large generators waste disposal, in addition to promoting the implementation of a public policy that blame the large generators for their waste.

Master Ambiental performed and performs the following services for Kurica:

  • Diagnosis, adequacy and environmental management;
  • EIA – study and environmental impact report;
  • Environmental monitoring of the selective collection of the city of Ibiporã – PR.
  • Environmental licensing;
  • PCA – environmental control of liquid effluents.

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