Rural Properties

With emphasis on the Brazilian economy, the participation of Agriculture represents more than 20% of GDP – gross domestic Product. Occupying a huge extension of land, therefore causes environmental impacts such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water quality and soil erosion, among others, agricultural activities also require environmental controls.

Master Ambiental offers a variety of services for rural real estate and farming activities, all necessary technical support for the settlement of the rural property, as the inscription on the system of Rural Environmental Record – CAR (or the corresponding State system), in addition to environmental licensing, environmental studies and other services necessary for a sustainable agricultural production.

Other services to environmental adequacy of rural property:

  • Environmental Licensing;
  • Granting of water resources;
  • Waste management.

Rural Environmental Registration (CAR)

According to law No.12.651/2012, the CAR (or system) is mandatory for all rural properties.

What is necessary for a CAR?

  • Data of the owner or possessor;
  • Data of the property;
  • Road map of access;
  • Proof of ownership or property;
  • Geo-referenced map;

* The documents may vary depending on specific requirement of the State system.

Advantages of joining the CAR:

  • Agricultural credit;
  • Suspension of sanctions;
  • Environmental Regularization Program.

The deadline for joining the CAR was extended for May 2016. But, do not leave for the last time.