The Presidente Costa e Silva Bridgem as known as Rio-Niterói Bridge is the main connection between the cities of Rio de janeiro, Niterói and the rest of the state, as the Lake District and the North Coast, administred by Ecoponte.Master Ambiental worked on elaborating an environmental control report (RCA) and a basic environmental plan (PBA).

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Viapar manages 546.53 kilometers of highways in Paraná, and its granting is for 24 years.

The company has six toll stations, which are in Arapongas, Mandaguari, Presidente Castelo Branco, Floresta, Campo Mourão and Corbélia. The company also has seven operational bases, six of which are next to the tolls and one in Ubiratã, 2 fixed scales, 1 in Nova Esperança and Peabiru.

Master Ambiental provided the following services:

  • Environmental control plan (PCA), necessary for obtaining the installation license by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP), for the construction works in the highway BR 376.
  • Floristic inventory required for obtaining authorization for vegetation suppression.


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The RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim international airport is responsible for the operations of the Tom Jobim international airport in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, which began operations in 1924 and from 1945 became an international airport.

The RIOgaleão is a company formed by Odebrecht TransPort and Ghangi Airports International, with 51% participation, and Infraero with 49%.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for a Degraded Areas Recovery Plan-PRAD for Tom Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

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Águas das Agulhas Negras


Águas das Agulhas Negras is a concessionaire of Grupo Águas do Brasil. The group is formed by the Developer, Queiroz Galvão Saneamento, Acquapar Participações and the construction company Cowan. Currently, the Águas das Agulhas Negras is responsible for the sanitation in the city of Resende-RJ.

Master Ambiental has provided services and elaborated a Degraded Area Recovery Plan – for a unit in Resende-RJ.

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The highway BR-277 is an important drainage rout that crosses Paraná, connecting Mato Grosso do Sul, the largest grains producer in Brazil, to the Paranaguá harbor. In addition, the highway is one of the main roads to the Iguaçu Falls, and to others countries in Latin America, through the Paraná border with Paraguay and Argentina.

Master Ambiental provided the following services for Ecocataratas:

Highway BR-277

Km 731-344, between Foz do Iguaçu – PR and Guarapuava:

  • Environmental noise report;
  • Natural light measurement at the toll plazas, SAU’s, scales, duplicating works and headquarters.

Km 643-660, between Matelândia and Céu Azul. Km 584-595 and Km 584-569, in Cascavel:

  • Floristic survey;
  • License for vegetation removal in the area;

Environmental licensing for km 569 duplication, between toll plaza and Iguaçu Falls:

  • Duplication monitoring;
  • Environmental programs report;
  • Environmental report;
  • Environmental consultancy for a flooding drainage system in São Miguel do Iguaçu – PR.

Studies on the identification and implementation of devices for environmental accidents prevention in 281 km on highway, between the towns of Foz do Iguaçu and Guarapuava.

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Rodovia das Colinas


The highway concessionaire Rodovia das Colinas is responsible for 307 kilometers of highways in the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

Master Ambiental has provided environmental consulting services for reporting wildlife crossing for the Highway Antonio Romano Schincariol SP-127 between Km 91 + 97 + 044 500 Km.

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The highway network administrated by Econorte coverts 341 km, divided into five segments, three state highways and two nationals: PR-323, PR-445, PR-090 and BR-369, BR-153.

These highways segments connects fifteen cities in the north of Paraná. The company operates three toll plazas located in Jacarezinho, Jataizinho and Sertaneja.

Master Ambiental has been hired by Econorte for:

  • Preliminary environmental impacts study for a base environmental licensing by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP) of the Northern Londrina Boundary Highway. With 30 km, the highway will connect Ibiporã to Cambé avoiding urban area;cliente-pr-445
  • Environmental management during the highway PR-445 construction and duplication between Cambé and Tiradentes Avenue in Londrina;
  • Environmental control plan of highway PR-445, between km 87-97;
  • Renewal of the PR-445 installation license;
  • Treatment and final disposal diagnose of sanitary waste of eight operational bases and three toll plazas on BR-369, BR-153 and BR-323.
  • Elaboration of hydrological study to determine flow rates that contributes to erosion on highway PR-862.
  • Water resources granting of five wells located at the support bases of Sertaneja, Sertanópolis, Jataizinho, Cornélio Procópio and Cambará – PR.

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Invepar is a Brazilian group of transportation infrastructure, composed by 12 highways management companies, airports and urban mobility.

Master Ambiental provided consultancy for the revision of the environmental compensation plan on the highway BR-040.



Brado Logistics

cliente-brado-logistica-2Founded in 2011, Brado Logistics provides containers for small, medium and large shippers. The company provides access to rail modal and storage services, distribution and container terminals.

Master Ambiental has been hired to provide the following projects for a unit in Cambé:

  • Environmental control plan;
  • Solid waste management plan.


cliente-viracoposViracopos International Airport, located at Campinas – SP, has an area that covers 9 thousand square meters and server approximately 9 million passengers per year. Currently the airport is expanding its runway, and at the end will occupy 21 thousand square meters, providing services for more than 14 million people per year.

Master Ambiental provides the consultancy necessary to obtain the installation license of the second runway. Master responsibility focus on the presentation of the necessary environmental programs according to the previous license, which was issued based on EIA-RIMA, 2010, prepared under the responsibility of Infraero.

Among all the studies provided by Master, is the basic environmental plan (PBA), composed of:

  • Management plan and environmental control;
  • Social communication plan;
  • Forest recovery plan and protected areas strengthening;
  • Fauna monitoring plan;
  • Environmental education plan;
  • Urban interference monitoring, traffic safety, accident prevention and traffic operational management.

In addition to the second runways studies, Master Ambiental is responsible for the preliminary environmental report for a railway line diversions that is currently on the runway way.